I’m right about to pay $30 for 4” inseam running shorts I need to be stopped.


delaney w/ tree

people who walk around with toothpicks in their mouths make me very nervous.

i want more pink shirts. my closet will now transition from earth tones to all pastels.

From Denmark: The Faroe Isles
Cydney Puro

I kind of “inherited” a road bike from my mom’s boyfriend. I really want to star riding it more, but I know absolutely nothing about bikes. I have a dilemma. If you follow me and are knowledgeable, please help. 

Anonymous: well...i got the impression you might not really like me. so i decided it was best not to bother you with friendship.

You sound like me. I’m really sorry that I came off that way, I try not to do that to anyone. I can’t force you to do anything though so, like I said, your choice. This is the last anon I’ll respond to for now so I don’t super clog the dash or anything, but I think it sucks that you’re going to keep me wondering forever.

Anonymous: alec. i have been following you for so long. i did not even realize, until today, you are indeed alec. wow. i have now seen you in person and cannot believe that i followed you forever without even knowing that i would meet you one day. how did this happen i can't believe i follow your tumblr this is surreal because i know you this is so weird

wait, what who is this? you need to at least come off anonymous tell me or I’m going to be way too curious forever.


M-m-maybe? why?

I visited a “haunted” road in my area. nothing scary happened, but there was a fairly large spine wedged in a tree

just got a ticket to see Real Estate this tuesday, couldn’t be more pleased.


Ardhana Utama